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Enterprise Servers & Storage

Many prominent businesses have moved to IP Telephony in their inter-company voice communication. There is an ever-growing demand to change to IP Phones among Middle east businesses. At Xpertbiz , we are prepared to address and meet the market demand for IP Phones and VoIP. We offer our clients high quality solutions in partnership with D-Link, Avaya and Grandstream.

Xpertbiz offers variety of IP Phone to fulfill different needs to enhance communications capabilities, From small to medium enterprises to residential users,

Benefits at a glance

  • Address your unique technical needs through customized solutions
  • Reduce IT Infrastructure Management Cost
  • Minimize Infrastructure footprint but also keep it flexible to deliver new applications and services quickly
  • Obtain better utilization from your infrastructure by providing best practices design considerations when it comes to purchase of servers and storage devices in your data centers
  • Reduce overall cost of acquisition, installation and on-going support of your server and storage infrastructure
  • Leveraging state of the art provisioning, virtualization and management technologies to reduce the complexities of your datacenter environment.
  • Lower power cost and reduction in carbon foot print
  • Ensures you have the right skills to deploy and maintain your solutions


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